Biotechnology in China III: Biofuels and Bioenergy: 3 by Feng-Wu Bai,Chen-Guang Liu,He Huang,George T Tsao

By Feng-Wu Bai,Chen-Guang Liu,He Huang,George T Tsao

Cellulolytic Enzyme construction and Enzymatic Hydrolysis for Second-Generation Bioethanol creation, via Mingyu Wang, Zhonghai Li, Xu Fang, Lushan Wang und Yinbo Qu

Bioethanol from Lignocellulosic Biomass, by means of Xin-Qing Zhao, Li-Han Zi, Feng-Wu Bai, Hai-Long Lin, Xiao-Ming Hao, Guo-Jun Yue und Nancy W. Y. Ho

Biodiesel From traditional Feedstocks, by means of Wei Du und De-Hua Liu

Establishing Oleaginous Microalgae learn types for Consolidated Bioprocessing of solar power, by means of Dongmei Wang, Yandu Lu, He Huang und Jian Xu

Biobutanol, via Hongjun Dong, Wenwen Tao, Zongjie Dai, Liejian Yang, Fuyu Gong, Yanping Zhang und Yin Li

Branched-Chain greater Alcohols, through Bao-Wei Wang, Ai-Qin Shi, Ran Tu, Xue-Li Zhang, Qin-Hong Wang und Feng-Wu Bai

Advances in Biogas know-how, by way of Ai-Jie Wang, Wen-Wei Li und Han-Qing Yu

Biohydrogen creation from Anaerobic Fermentation, by way of Ai-Jie Wang, Guang-Li Cao und Wen-Zong Liu

Microbial gas Cells in strength iteration and prolonged purposes, by way of Wen-Wei Li and Guo-Ping Sheng

Fuels and chemical substances from Hemicellulose Sugars, through Xiao-Jun Ji, He Huang, Zhi-Kui Nie, Liang Qu, Qing Xu and George T. Tsao

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