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You can search for companies, products or categories by just typing in your keyword in the search bar. Use filters to refine your search to match your exact needs.

The search result page on UNVEYL is unique with companies listed with their short video profile. It makes your search easy allowing quick browsing through the videos to find the exact company you are looking for.

Type in your product keyword and search for companies in a selected country with a specific business activity, eg: manufacturer of glass in UAE or choose to see all companies under a selected industry however you wish to search.Detailed view of each company listing gives you access to their product list including images and videos as well as all their marketing materials in pdf and promotional videos.


You can send an enquiry to the company or opt to chat. In either mode of communication, if the company uses a mobile app, they receive an alert on their device and you will hear back instantly. If they are not active on mobile, they will receive a notification about your enquiry allowing them to communicate back with you without delay.