CAMPAIGNS Real-time Marketing with Augmented Reality

Market Real-time

The unique marketing platform for businesses lets you create campaigns and reach your target audience in real time. You can use your content as well as push offers to influence your target audience’s purchasing decision.

This works on the technology called Augmented Reality. The user looks at the object through the AR module of the UNVEYL app on his device to unveyl the trigger object’s digital identity. You can use this application for the following:

Company Profile


Every company listed on UNVEYL gets a free AR link. Just upload your logo and profile video they automatically gets linked, making the video the digital avatar for your logo. When User views the logo through UNVEYL AR module, he unveyls the digital identity on his device.

Users will learn about you through your short video profile at events, from your visiting card, listing on directories, print advertisements, point of sale etc.


Link your physical presentation materials including brochures and fliers to its digital avatar in the form of ebooks. The ebook instantly loads on the device of the user when he unveyls it using the AR mode.
He can save it under a fav list that he creates. From there he can access it anytime, anywhere and allows him to review it at his convenience by accessing it on his computer.

Point of Sale


If you are a brand that sells your goods through a channel, upload your product demo as the digital avatar. User at the POS will view the product or identification tag using the AR mode to view the short video and learn about the product. At the end of video, the user lands on the brand page you have created on UNVEYL giving more details about your brand and product. He can engage with you by sending you his enquiry.

UNVEYL lets you give the needed information at the finger tips of your users. You don’t need to depend on a merchandiser to convert a prospect into a customer. Unveyl helps consumers make informed decisions.

While they are watching your video, you can push instant offers, coupons, limited period offers and capture leads through the overlay interface you can place over the video.

Increase customer engagement by creating AR Avatars for your promotions. Get Consumers to unveyl your digital avatar using the AR app to watch your promo video or enter into the contest. promo page at the POS or an advertisement in print. Set your trigger as your print ad or your poster at the POS.

Resell AR campaigns

Businesses that only need the platform to power their AR campaigns can register as a reseller, purchase bundles and start creating campaigns instantly.
This provides Agencies a cost effective and robust AR platform to power AR campaigns for their clients.
Destinations that are points of attractions as well as venues can use the platform to create short videos or information pages about their attractions and features.

AR Bundles

Businesses can purchase bundles from the below packages to create and run your own digital AR campaigns to engage your consumers.