Unveyl Marketplace – An online marketplace like none other!

One of the biggest challenges faced by local businesses is attracting new customers. The days when people used to go to the Yellow Pages to find local businesses are long gone. In this fast paced digital age, users retort to online to find about the businesses. More and more consumers depend on online research to find businesses and products before they make their purchase decision. They like to read reviews, view a presentation of the company’s offering, see the product in action etc.
Local busiesses now, more than ever before are seeking ways to reach consumers in and around their vicinity through interactive, engaging means and by being present in places where they are most likely to be seen by their prospective customers.
This means that the local businesses opt to be found online by including themselves in popular online directories and apps that are the preferred choice for users to use on a regular basis to find businesses.
Unveyl Marketplace is an online marketplace and engagement platform for businesses to be seen and to engage with their prospective customers through creative augmented reality profiles and videos. For consumers it is a one stop shop to explore more about businesses, find out more about their offerings, read reviews about products and services and instantly connect with them through the app.
Unveyl App lets users search for and find exactly what they need, by typing a keyword into the search box and specifying their location. Users will immediately have a listing of local businesses related to their search on the mobile screen. They’ll be able to view the business’ contact information, as well as important details, such as the products and services offered. They will   be able to click a link and visit the businesses website and view a video profile, which is a great way to find out more about the organization. What’s more, users can even chat, call or email the business directly through the app for free.
The biggest advantage for businesses is increased visibility, ability to generate leads through the platform, brand engagement and using targeting tools within the platform to send out emails and in-app notifications. The platform also allows for Lead farming and sending out targeted Facebook ads through the in-built social media tools.
Unveyl offers users a very unique engagement model using augmented reality feature. Brands can use the platform to run interesting AR campaigns that engage, excite and lead the prospects to the stores or to the online site to take action.  As a comprehensive tool to find all the local deals by businesses in one single place, Unveyl app’s disruptive offering takes on the existing coupon system offered by portals like Groupon, living social and Cobone, and gives brands the flexibility in running deals in real time. Businesses also have the unique advantage of managing their deal duration, volume cap and even the offer at their will and let people redeem it before the expiry of the offer.
The Unveyl Marketplace module allows sourcing as easy as it can ever be through real time engagement like chatting, calls, messaging using both the web and mobile application.  Businesses can be searched through video profiles as Unveyl offers video profiling that is linked through AR to their logos and target visuals.

Unveyl opens up a new world of unlimited possibilities including merging print and digital with augmented reality , print to digital ads ,maps at places of attraction to digital content, logos in directories to video profiles etc. Unveyl also lets brands run offers at stores letting users retrieve them using Augmented reality, lead generation campaigns to get access to prospects , e-commerce plugins to drive users to the shopping cart and many more such offerings.

Unveyl Technologies will launch Unveyl App this month at the Rise Conference 2015, being held at Hong Kong on 31st July and 1st August 2015.

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