Unveyl is presenting its platform to the world at the Rise Conference

Unveyl, the online marketplace and engagement platform, slated to disrupt the existing market places and deals business models is being unveiled to the world at the Rise conference. The conference touted as the largest tech gathering in Asia will be held at Hong Kong Convention Centre, from July 31 – August 1st 2015. The Uvneyl team is expected to meet some of the greatest minds in the tech industry and the investor community attending the conference from around the world.
Unveyl is all set to rise up to this grand occasion, and make a grand entry to the tech world and make some big waves in the brand engagements offering stiff competition to facebook which is the current favourite to the brands.
“Organized by ‘The Web Summit’ which is out of doubt the most celebrated tech conference after SXSW, The Rise Conference 2015 will be a great opportunity for us to exhibit Unveyl, for the first time to the world.  We are thrilled and look forward  to meeting some great people. “  said Vinod Nair, CEO and co-founder.
“Unveyl offers multi-case applications that attracts both consumers and businesses alike. Our goal is to connect the users with the businesses by offering benefits to both the audiences for engaging on Unveyl”, he added.
With offferings such as Deals and Campaigns that offer great benefits for consumers in the form of rewards and offers, the brands are expected to use Unveyl as the primary engagement platform to connect with their target audience. By disrupting the traditional coupon and deals businesses using their innovative mobile app that uses Augmented Reality to engage, UNVEYL is sure to create ripples in the market and transform the brand engagement concept.

Unveyl App will help users discover amazing deals from their favorite brands in town, in real time from the comfort of their home, office or on the go. What’s more rewarding for brands and customers alike is the campaigns module which allows brands to create engaging Augmented Reality Campaigns and have the engage the users in an interesting, fun way. Users also will be able to use the platform to search businesses, source products, communicate in real time, browse through products and collaterals, read and post reviews and receive RFQs.
Videos have become the most preferred and popular content among consumers, a change led by social networks like Facebook and instant messaging tools like WhatsApp.  One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today is being found by their customers and there are gazillion sites displaying business information but customers find it hard to find the right company offering the services or products they seek. Video profiles is the future of search to match the changing user behavior and Unveyl focused on delivering just that.
Unveyl App not only lets users source companies easily and quick, but also provides a user friendly and innovative browsing experience and enables users to learn about a company through video profiles.  All the companies that list themselves on Unveyl App are provided with a video profile for free. The AR (Augmented Reality) feature of the platform lets the companies be explored from their logo and at the same time lets the companies be environment friendly by eliminating the need to print brochures. The user friendly feature allows users to unveil the e-brochure from the physical cover that can be saved for future reference under the user login. Further more, users have the option to chat, call or message the suppliers using the app and receive response in real time.

Vinod Nair, Co-founder and CEO of Unveyl Technologies together with Faizal Khalid, Co-founder and Director of Technology, will be unveiling the app on the first day of the conference, 31sh July, at the Alpha Marketing pavilion at the conference, which is expected to host over 5,000 attendees.

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